Real. Lasting. Change.

live your best life…

The challenge of Healthy living is not an information problem…Most of us know how to eat and how to exercise right? I mean, you can go on the internet right now and find millions of meal plans and workout routines in seconds…but why are you not doing it?

This 6 lecture series is a health & fitness based behavioral change program designed to teach real, lasting, change. Each step moves in a circle, because life is not linear. Life is a series of goals. Wether you are trying to or not, it keeps moving. If you want to take control of your life and get what you want…this program is for you.

This 6 part live lecture series is based on goal achievement with continued success.

Each lecture leads the learners though the cyclical behavioral process of making change stick.


Stacey and Jesse Coleman will travel to your location and customize their presentation for your specific group. Email us by clicking the Learn More button below and we can begin to create a program designed just for you.