Stacey Coleman

Do what ever the “F” it taKes

Stacey Coleman
Do what ever the “F” it taKes

What the heck is going on in this picture anyway? Well...I wanna use it as a visual as I talk to you about goals and “Whatever the F it takes” to reach them (read on to see why I feel that this goofy pic will motivate you...I know it’s long, and I know you’re busy, but I believe you will find it worth your while).

Sure, sure, I get it! Everyone on social media is trying to help you with your goals. They want you to:

Set them

Reach them

Exceed them

Blah, blah, blah....

I get it.

What makes this post any different from the rest?

Well.... I want to dig deeper. I wanna let you in on the dirty secret of what it actually takes to reach a big goal. You know the stuff that doesn’t look “sexy on tv”.

I am talking about; the messy, smelly, sometimes scary, sometimes exhilarating, always exhausting, physical, mental, and emotional work it takes to actually reach a goal. I am talking about your willingness to do whatever the F it takes to reach your goal.

Phew... I am tired just writing about it...but also kinda pumped up about it!

A lil’ word of advice: If you are not willing to do whatever the F it takes to reach it, please rethink your goal now.

Please note: This does not mean that you can not reach the goal. It simply means that you are not quite in the right mindset to achieve that particular goal yet. Instead, set a goal that you are so passionate about, that you have no option but to succeed. This may mean smaller, more manageable goals that lead to THE BIG ONE.

Also: This is post will not be like the other stuff you see in “motivating” pics on IG.

You know the one I am talking about. The one with the beautiful couple with great abs and excellent tans, on a yacht, sipping on champagne out of golden goblets, while they fan themselves off with a fresh stack of Benjamins 💰 💴 and captioned with the quote “Everyday I’m Hustling” sorry I mean #everydayimhustling (frigin social media)

This is not that post.

The word “hustle”as defined by the Urban Dictionary (yeah that’s a real thing) is; “Working hard, usually towards the common goal of creating an income or reaching a goal.”

Everyone and their brother’s girlfriend talks to you about “hustle” on social media (usually as they try to sell you a magic pill, or cream, or cheap jewelry). Now I am not putting those people down. I solute those who are truly doing whatever the F it takes to get the life they want. What I am talking about the ratio of people who overuse this word to motivate: to how many people really know what it means, or better yet...what it feels like.

And BTW; the people flooding your social media pages with content like the one I illustrated above ☝️ (come on, you know what I am talking about) are usually presenting a false reality....

I mean clearly they are not “hustling” everyday.... their on a frigin yacht on a Tuesday afternoon drinking (what I can only assume is expensive champagne) out of overpriced vessels, as they carelessly flash their cash over the open ocean (money management skills people!)

Now, sure, I am all for relaxing, vacationing, and enjoying the pleasures of life. I have personally posted hundreds of pics to my social media accounts of me doing just that.

Yes, enjoy and share life. But, let’s not let this image be our only focus.

The truth is....

In order to succeed;

You gotta get your hands dirty.

You gotta work through exhaustion and pain

You gotta find the joy in the everyday grind.

You gotta climb the hill

Put in the time

Fail and rebuild (probably several times)

And then you reach the summit of success

Sure, then it’s time to get on a yacht and drink on a Tuesday afternoon.... but then go back to work (maybe not that same day) But keep going!

Let me share a story, with the preface that I do not think, by any means; that I have somehow arrived at “success” (which BTW; can mean lots of different things to lots of different people). Also note that I have not even gotten close to reaching my giant lifelong goals (these are very much still in process).

But, I have truly fought for, and reached many goals along the journey of my 38 is just one story of one goal I have attempted. I hope that it motivates you with reality!

Back in 2007 I started a personal training business (aka: the foundation of My-FIT-24).

At the time my husband Jesse was working full time as a Landscape/Hardscape Manager. He managed job sites and all of the physical labor that accompanied it.

Jesse had recently left a job with Department of Fish and Wildlife, and I had left a job as a Town Director if Parks and Recreation. We were just getting used to life outside of Government employment, as we had a strong desire to do more than those positions could offer us.

He was literally snow plowing public roads and driveways (the winter version of his job), just to make ends meet (which they rarely did).

I was mostly a stay-at-home with our two young children (at the time ages 1 & 3). I was also personal training at a handful of gyms and I had just begun in-home Personal Training from the back of our mini-van. I was working in the wee hours of the morning and late at night (basically when my kids and husband slept, I was at work).

We were literally doing what ever the (excuse my language) F it took.

We had also just bought our first home, and if you remember the housing market change between 2007-2008, you know we paid more than we ever planned.

Things were tight.

We were financially stressed.

We ate a lot of PB &Js.

So of course, we decided to start a business....

Okay, okay, I get it. That makes absolutely no sense. “Why would we start a business with all the surrounding circumstances??”

Short answer; Because we had a goal!

We were not content with a monotone life. We knew that we wanted more;

More for our family.

More challenge for our minds.

And we knew that we had more to give to our community.

As soon a we opened our doors of our first brick and mortar gym, it boomed.

After the first few months of success, I convinced Jesse to leave his full time job and we went all in, together, on our dream.

So why the picture of us with a windmill?

I feel it is a symbol of us doing what ever the F it takes to reach our goals.

Even though business was growing, we still needed to make ends meet for our first few years of independence.

Jesse did a lot of snow plowing drive ways, built fences, mowed lawns, and yeah we built this frigin windmill pond aeration system for a client. (Thank god Jesse is a very skilled and diverse handy man).

We also hosted events at the gym for kids to make extra cash. This included preschool soccer clinics, parent night out events, and even hosting birthday parties.

Oh, we also were DJs and we MCd local events, weddings, and graduation parties(the old school way with CDs 💿 because that’s what we had).

We literally did what ever the F@$k it took to make our goal a success.

We didn’t give up.

Even when life sucker punched us in the gut.

Even when we had to wait to buy groceries because we couldn’t overdraft our account (again).

Even when we were sick and tired.

Even when we wanted to quit and live a simple life.

We didn’t! We kept going.

It wasn’t easy. In fact it was hard as hell. But we really, really, really, really wanted this!

And guess’s working.

And, although we have met hundreds of mini goals along the journey, we still have not yet accomplished everything we want for our business, our family, and our life. We are still hungry for more.

We are still in progress. And we are always willing to;

Take the extra step

To be creative

To do whatever the F it takes to continue our success.

I encourage you to;

Take the step

Do the thing

Get scared

Get dirty

Be exhausted

Because that is what success really looks like!

It can be so hard, but it feels so great to;

Look back and see success in progress

To know you earned it!

To be living the life you want to live!

So the next time you are scrolling through social media, looking for motivation, and see the post I described above,☝️💴 🛥 🌴, STOP, and think about this windmill. Are you willing to give whatever the F it takes to reach your goals? If not, re-think them. Go for what you really want in life!

Have an awesome day!💪🏻❤️😊