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This is Who we are.

Coach Jesse and Stacey Coleman. Owners of My-FIT-24 and Creators of The Coleman Method.

Coach Jesse and Stacey Coleman. Owners of My-FIT-24 and Creators of The Coleman Method.

Meet the Colemans…


Partners in business, parenting, and life. They share a passion for teaching you how to live your best life.

These two met in college, both dedicated athletes, and driven by learning as much as they could about improving one’s health. They truly believe that everyone has the ability to change and grow.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but few think of starting by changing themselves …”

It all Started When….


“We met when we were 19 & 20 yo and we have been chasing goals together ever since”.

Eager to “get started in life”, Stacey and Jesse began their first business together, a DJ service. It was 2001, and they were finishing their degrees at the University where they met. Having both been raised in family’s who were husband and wife business partners, family entrepreneurship inspired them both.

“I was always hesitant to speak in public, and my work as a Disc Jockey, definitely forced me outside of my comfort zone and helped me to become the public speaker I am today” - Stacey

1 month after graduating from college, Stacey and Jesse were married. At age 22 & 23yo they were young, but didn’t hesitate to “get after it”.

Jesse landed a job as a Fish Culturist for Maine Fish & Wildlife and they moved to a small apartment that the job provided at The Maine Wildlife Park (yes, they lived 5 years at a Zoo).

Stacey didn’t want to waste anytime either, she applied to be the Director of Parks and Recreation for a nearby town. Despite being young and having limited experience she was hired just 2 months after graduation/marriage.

Over the next few years, and 2 babies later, life took them through the many trials and growing pains of being young parents . Stacey decided to leave her full time position, and stay home with their children. She worked part time as a personal trainer and instructed bootcamps in various locations. Jesse provided a steady income for the family, but his work lacked passion for his true calling, Coaching.

“It was very cool to live at the zoo with two young children. Everyday Stacey and I walked through the park with our babies. We talked about the different animals, and lived a simple life. We were safe, and we were happy. But, overtime we became restless. We felt like we needed to do more, and that we were not living up to our full potential. We became anxious to help others find the same level of joy in life, and we knew it was time to move on…” -Jesse

It was in 2007 that Stacey and Jesse, along with their then small children, Bode and Zoe, took a leap of faith into the world of family business ownership. 

Their professional experience in the fitness and recreation industry opened their eyes to greater possibilities. The Colemans felt that the world deserved more than what was being offered. Their shared passion for teaching the truths about exercise science, truly helping people to live their best lives, and building a business that provides all that and more to their community inspired them in their work. In a real-life “Jerry McGuire Moment” they created a mission statement, which still holds true today…

“Empower people to grow stronger, healthier, and happier”.

What started from the back of their mini van (as an in-home personal training service) grew into My-FIT-24, a full service health club. This is where the original Coleman Method programming was first created and implemented among it’s members.

Since it’s inception, The Coleman Method has reached thousands of lives locally. From their work with NCAA athletes, to corporate and civic groups, the Coleman’s have been using this method to help real people find real change.

Now it is time for the Coleman’s take their mission global.

Welcome to

Two bodies, One Passion…

“Improve the health of the world,

one person at a time,

from the inside out”


Stacey Coleman

“I grew up in hometown USA, with a wild imagination and dorky dance moves. Jesse helps to keep me centered and focused, without him I would be running in circles. I have always loved exercise and athletics, and when I discovered that I could do jumping jacks for a living, I was all in”.

Bachelor of Science: Health & Fitness, NASM Certified; Personal Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Cardio Performance Specialist. Co-Owner; My-FIT-24, Former NCAA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Writer and Speaker; Coleman

Cool things Coach Stacey has done:

NCAA Soccer Player

Semi-Professional Football Player

Burlington City Marathon Finisher

Spartan Sprint Finisher

Completed 2 Tough Mudders (top 10% of finishers)

Mrs. Maine America “Mrs Gorham 2015” (long story…)

Competed in a bodybuilding contest Bikini Level

Triathlon Finisher (Tri for a Cure)

Ragnar Trail Run

Guiness Book of World Record Holder for Longest Distance on Kick Scooter (Team)

Dozens of other obstacle events

Founder/Former President of The Maine P-pods (non-profit organization for children with type 1 diabetes)

Jesse Coleman

“I was raised in the backwoods of Vermont and became a Champion Wrestler, but I am also a self proclaimed science nerd who enjoys geeky table games. So I’m an odd combination of hillbilly-nerd-jock, and Stacey keeps me civilized.”

Bachelor of Science: Pre-Medical Biology, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Co-Owner/Founder; My-FIT-24, Former NCAA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Writer and and Speaker; Coleman

Cool things Coach Jesse has done:

NCAA All New England Wrestler

3 time Vermont State Champion Wrestler

North American Wife Carrying Championships (8th Place)

Completed 2 Tough Mudders (1 in the top 10% of finishers)

Competed in a bodybuilding contest Physique Level (4th Place)

Guiness Book of World Record Holder for Longest Distance on Kick Scooter (Team)

Dozens of other obstacle events

Founder/Former Board of Directors Member of The Maine P-pods (non-profit organization for children with type 1 diabetes)